Friday, November 13, 2009

Eternal Security, Biblical Counseling and WHY Go to Church?!

On this week's BIBLE BURGH, we'll continue our Biblical Counseling discussion with Dr. George Scipione, Director of the new Biblical Counseling Institute from RPTS . . . this is obviously a huge topic of importance to BIBLE BURGH and K and D Ministries!!

You'll hear more from Donald Whitney's book, "Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church" as we continue discussing/reading the chapter "Why Go to Church?".

THEN . . . Dr. John MacArthur (Grace to You) takes over the REST of the show . . . as we WRAP UP the fall semester of "Bible Burgh University" from John's final message in the book of Jude, all about the saint's guarantee/eternal security!

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Anonymous said...

I am very disturbed about your comments to those of us that do not agree with "eternal security". You never spoke once of sin and repentance as though its okay for christians to sin because we can't lose our place.
That is the most dangerous theology. For those of us that do not fall for the once saved always saved theology we do not rely on our selves as you said, we rely on the holy spirit. We are humble enough to know we have to repent if we sin against God. Believing you can do no wrong is self rightous! Your false teaching people because it is the convenient thing to believe. That theology leads christians away from experiencing conviction, repentance ,reunification and santification with God. Yes, I believe we are chosen but we exercise our free will (that He gave) to separate ourselves when we do not practice repentance.Many people in the Bible even diciples were followers of Jesus and they separated themselves by not repenting. Others came back to Jesus thru repentance.
Remember God wants nothing to do with sin except to forgive. HIS LOVE WILL NEVER LEAVE US, but we choose to leave him. Please, I am so sick and tired of this teology that teaches christians its okay to be sinners because they have been forgiven of past present and future sins. We are forgiven but we must come with a repentive, remoseful heart so please Preach the entire passage if your going to preach, your only picking what accomodates sinners and that is already what is wrong with society today, no one wants to be responsible for thier actions. Denise Pato

~Mark said...


please quote what I or Mike or anybody involved said that it's ok to sin.

Mike the Bible Burgh Host said...

Good question, Mark, to "anonymous" or Denise.

We simply stated here that we were having a message on Bible Burgh about the subject.

But since most of the "comment" was "attacking" in nature, with really no scripture cited . . . a quick response.

The "accusation" of false teaching is out of line. Even though I stronlgly disagree with those who don't believe in eternal security, and think they ultimately still ahve a "Works/Selfish" mentality, I don't call their "mistaken belief" false teaching.

The scriptures FOR eternal security (esp. John 10:28-30; Romans 8:28-39) really can't be refuted...or at least I have NEVER seen anyone in the Arminiam/Free Will camp do a very good job. BUT THE ONE that is really the clincher to me is John 5:24...

"I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has CROSSED OVER (metebebekkan) from death to life". A simple reading and understanding answers the question, but the word in the original language is in the PERFECT tense . . . which means it is a ONE TIME event with complete future benefits/ramafications . . . it is a one way road; what is done CANNOT be undone, according to the workings of the original language.

I have a constant prayer that those who struggle with their eternal security will LET THE SCRIPTURES SPEAK to bring them to an understanding . . . because their are many that feel that Hebrews 6 and 10 then speak condemnation THAT CANNOT BE REVERSED on those once saved but then sin.

That, in my opinion, is no way to live for Christ WHO DIED ONCE for sin, who I am NOW HIDDEN WITH in GOD, protected in His hand, RESERVED in Heaven . . . and on and on the scriptures go in SUPPORT of our perseverance . . . because in ACTUALITY it is NOT our perseverance. IT IS GOD'S . . . for He GIVES eternal life . . . He GIVES faith. May we AS A CHILD, believe it and TRUST Him.

~Mark said...

Hey Mike, you still saved?

Mike the Bible Burgh Host said...

I think it will all rest on how well YOU do on your finals!!

~Mark said...

OH, like I don't have ENOUGH pressure?? :D

Do you own a fan? ;)

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